Our coolest Gin Bottles!

Here at Cellier we always comment on how cool a bottle may look, whether it’s a wine or a spirit bottle. With the World Gin day approaching, we took a look at our Gin collection and realised that Gin bottles have a pretty cool packaging indeed. We picked our four most artsy, coolest bottles and we wrote about them.

  1. Daffy’s Small Batch Premium Gin


Bottle: Firstly, I was struck by the image of the Blond woman with the wavy hair, green eye shadow and coy smile, as the main image of a bottle of Gin. Apparently, Daffy is the goddess of gin. She’s the essence of great gin, a lover of life who has transceded the decades. Daffy as painted by Robert McGinnis, is the visualisation and personification of the taste, charm, sophistication, complexity, and depth of Daffy’s gin.

What’s so special about Daffy’s gin apart from the fancy bottle?

  • Can be  drunk on its own or straight over ice like a fine malt whisky (Gin is a spirit that in general shouldn’t be drunk in cocktails). Daffy’s gin is distilled in the same manner as malt whisky on an ancient single batch copper pot still.
  • Its alcohol content is 43,4% (most gins range between 37,5-40%) as it has been found that it is the perfect balance among its ingredients.
  • Botanicals: Apart from juniper, there’s coriander seed, cassia bark and Lebanese mint and other variety lemons. All these result in a strong bodied gin with many levels of well balanced freshness, notes of citrus and mint, toffee, caramel and chocolate underspinned with a solid woody character like that of malt whisky.
  1. Forest Gin


Bottle: I mean look at this bottle! It’s a masterpiece. It is actually made of Staffordshire porcelain by papercut artist Suzy Taylor. Suzy hand cuts all of her artwork from a single piece of paper using a single piece of paper using a scalpel and a magnifying glass in a painstaking process. The team then applies the artwork by hand to each bottle. The final piece is a practical, yet beautiful porcelain decanter which can be reused and treasured for years.

What’s so special about Forest Gin apart from the cool bottle?

  • It’s a family company and each batch makes 85 bottles maximum.
  • In 2016 Forest Gin was awarded two separate double-gold medals at the San Francisco World Spirit Awards. These awards are the highest within the spirit industry and Forest gin is now the only gin to have been awarded this highly. It is in fact the only gin amongst the world’s very finest spirits.
  • Botanicals: Organic juniper berries, organic coriander seeds, superior quality vanilla pods, liquorice root, angelica, wild blueberries, raspberries & blackberries. The water used is the softest spring water, collected from a spring 200 above an ancient spring in the peak district.
  • Alcohol Content volume 42%.
  1. Burleighs Signature London


Bottle: That bottle really seems to appeal to men. Its  matte dark packaging seems so monumental and masculine.

What’s so special about Burleighs Signature Gin apart from the impressive bottle?

  • It is made in ancient Leicestershire woodland site, Charnwood forest.
  • It is made of 11 botanicals including silver birch, dandelion, burdock, and elderberries. Perfect for a classic gin and tonic with a twist of orange zest or a wedge of freshly cut grapefruit.
  • 4.Williams Chase Elegant Crisp Gin



We love the cute British flag bow around the neck of the bottle and it looks really as an indeed elegant and cute bottle of gin.

What’s so special about Williams Chase Elegant Gin apart from the elegant bottle?

  • William Elegant is truly single-estate from field to bottle. Unlike most other gins, where a neutral grain spirit, is simply redistilled, they press their organically grown cider apple orchards.
  • Apples come from their 200 year old organic cider orchards.
  • Botanicals: juniper, hops, elderflower, bramley apple, citrus fruit, angelica plus a secret mix of wild botanicals from their meadow. All these result into a full bodied, fruity gin, full of warm spices and earthy undertones.
  • Alcohol content volume: 48%

I don’t know about you, but I’m probably going to prepare myself some G&T in a minute!