Brits are getting fizzical!

When someone mentions sparkling wine what would you immediately think? Champagne? Prosecco? Cava or Franciacorta perhaps if you’re more into sparkling wine?

But I reckon, you would probably not think of English sparkling wine, would ya?

However, English sparkling wine is actually among the best quality sparklers that exist. Here’s 6 not-so-well-known facts about our national produce.


  1. English sparkling wine has won Champagne in Paris blind tasting. It was actually a £37 bottle of 2011 Gusborne Rose that went against a NV Ayala Rose. Nine preferred the Gusbone and 5 the Champagne. Half the tasters thought the English wine was Champagne!
  2. That shouldn’t really came as a surprise really for a variety of reasons. The English Fizz is made with the same method as Champagne, undergoing the secondary fermentation in the bottle and the very same grapes: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier.
  3. Moreover, the land of South England is similar to the quality in the Champagne regions- it has the same chalky soil. A bizzilion years ago, actually, the two islands were connected!champagne-590761_960_720
  4. Climate change has helped UK really stepped up its game with wine making. In the last 15 years actually, English Sparkling Wine, has won 8 trophies for the best international Sparkling Wine and 4 for the best Sparkling wine. Almost 2/3 of all English wine is actually sparkling.
  5. As a matter of fact, some Champagne producers have started worrying about the warmer weather and are buying land in South of England. In December 2015, Taittinger bought 69 hectares of farmland in Kent, 40 hectares of which will be planted with vines to produce English Sparkling Wine
  6. A fancier name is on the quest. Apparently, the duchess of Cornwall herself has requested the industry to come up with a better name. Some potential names are “Britagne”, “Albion” “Merret”; which one would you prefer really? In the same fashion, Sussex producers have requested a PDO (protected designation of origin) status for their wine and you might be soon order a glass of “Sussex”.