Here at Cellier, we aim to bring to your door a range of specialist wines, beers and spirits that have been personally selected and imported by us. We choose products for their individuality as quite often it is easy to overlook the hidden gems among the vast array of mass distilled and bottled products that are widely available.
Our products range geographically from the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia on the west coast of Canada, with its award winning yet little known wines from producers such as Burrowing Owl and Clos Du Soleil, to Marlborough in New Zealand where Misty Cove Wines produce what we believe are some of the best value wines available from the region. We have also been working with Casa Donoso, one of the finest wineries from the Maule Valley in Chile and producers of some quite stunning wines.
Not to mention locally made spirits near our base in Kent, such as Maiden Gin from Maidstone or Forest Gin from the Peak District.
Our interests also lie in the Beer and Lager sectors, yet a long way removed from the insipid and uninspiring mainstream varieties. We are working on offering you a range of beers and glassware from Belgium, Germany, France and Quebec among other regions. We have recently started working with Brouwerij de Bie, a Belgian brewery that have a tie-up with Etixx Quickstep and have produced ‘De Bie Velo’ a cycling inspired beer that is a must for all cycling enthusiasts. We will also be bringing in a great range of Italian Craft Beers very soon, so watch this space.
We also stock a range of spirits from around the world. Producers such as Haswell London Distilled Dry Gin add a real artisan local flavour to our international selection . We have worked hard to bring producers such as Shelter Point Whiskey from Vancouver Island in Canada to the UK market, and we hope you will agree that the effort has been well worth it! You can learn everything you need to know about the brands we work with on our Brand pages.
We hope you enjoy our ever evolving selection. As always we welcome feedback and recommendations of drinks that you may have tried on your travels that we don’t currently stock. Let us know what you’d like to see here!