Imagine a world with no wine jargon. No ‘astringency’, or ‘barrique’ or ‘typicity’. Just simple, fun-loving words like you would have on your dating profile. Let us present… Wine-der, a platform where you can learn all about our wonderful brands, and decide whether or not they’re a match for you. Happy swiping.

A Tinder style image of Quails' Gate Wine Vineyard Profile

About Quails’ Gate:

I’m proud to say I come from quite a prestigious background. If I had to describe myself in three words it would be… elegant, intense and fresh! I’m really into technology, particularly when I see how it reduces resources and increases quality. I’m quite picky, and pay a lot of attention to detail which is what makes me pretty unique. My home is in beautiful Okanagan Valley of British Colombia, so if you want to see what all the BC hype is about, swipe right!

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A Tinder style image of Burrowing Owl Wine Vineyard Profile

About Burrowing Owl:

Describe myself in one word? Foodie. I just go with all food! Going by my parents, I think I’m going to age pretty well- not to toot my own horn or anything! I’m a gentle, genuine character and I love everything old-school. I’m not really into technology, I like to take things slowly and hand-pick my companions so I’m just getting used to this Wine-der thing! I’m such an outdoorsy person too and I have a passion for nature- how could you not when you live in the stunning Okanagan Valley in British Colombia! I guess that’s me in a nutshell.

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A Tinder style image of Misty Cove Wine Vineyard Profile

About Misty Cove:

I’ve been named after a phenomenon, making me a bit of a superstar. I’d like to say I’m pretty wonderful and well brought up. I’m definitely very passionate and family-orientated. I have very few siblings, so I guess you could say we’re a ‘small-batch’ family! Home is New Zealand, so I’m used to the sunshine! As with everything where I grew up, it’s all the best you can find, so I’m a pretty special girl.

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