In honour of Sauvignon Blanc Day (5th May 2017), we wanted to draw your attention to some (hopefully) interesting points you maybe didn’t know about the UK’s most popular wine type.

Sauvignon Blanc

Every wine has to start somewhere, but back before the 1980’s you would probably struggle to find Sauvignon Blanc in the world’s top wines, it’s popularity growing only once New Zealand began to produce it in a way not seen before. Their boldness in producing this grape variety was what set New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc’s apart from those made in France such as Sancerre. The Kiwi’s produced something fresh and fruity, whereas France was producing something with more minerality. It wasn’t long after the Kiwi’s, that other countries started jumping on the Sauvignon Blanc band-wagon, making it the world’s 8th most planted wine grape.

So what makes it so popular we hear you ask? Well we think it all comes down to flavour. Sauvignon Blanc is a fruity wine but lacks a sweeter taste. It’s much more based around bitter fruits such as gooseberry, grapefruit and softer fruits like mango, appealing to those with less of a sweet tooth. During fermentation, there are natural sulphur compounds which are responsible for this.

Also included in the flavour is cut grass and green pepper. These are present because of a natural grape compound which is the exact same one found in…that’s right, you guessed it…green peppers.

Sauvignon Blanc

Thirsty for a nice chilled glass? We certainly are! We’ve got quite a few different versions from around the world. Check them out below.


Burrowing Owl Sauvignon Blanc 

This aromatic varietal offers scents of lemon rind, passion-fruit, guava and gooseberry mingled with some vanilla toastiness on the nose from barrel ageing. Medium bodied and balanced with a zesty mouth watering acidity makes for a rich yet fresh style. There is a creamy texture on the palate from its ageing on lees that is nicely interwoven with concentrated flavours of melon, guava, passion-fruit & grapefruit pith with seductive vanilla smoke nuances lingering on the finish. The acidity and toasty notes of this wine would pair well with smoked black cod served with a spring onion potato puree or Veal scallopini drenched in a lemon cream sauce.

Burrowing Owl Wine from Canada


Misty Cove Estate Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc

Misty Cove Estate Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc is made to truly reflect our philosophy of producing a value for money wine with distinctive pure, wonderful fruit flavours and aromas typical of the Marlborough region. Our Estate Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc can be enjoyed with a wide range of dishes including (shell) fish, poultry, salads or simply as a classy aperitif at 9°C.

Tall Horse Sauvignon Blanc

Energetic on the palate, this engaging wine displays expressive grassy and tropical fruit aromas with well-rounded granadilla, gooseberry, green pineapple and citrus flavours culminating in a lovely fresh finish.This refreshing wine is full of appeal and can be enjoyed immediately. Best paired with a variety of seafood such as shellfish, salmon or tuna.

South African Wine

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