Happy International Whisky Day (or Whiskey for US and Irish fans)

5 (unexpected) health benefits of drinking Whisky (those apply to moderate consumption of course)


  1. Whisky can help you shred off those extra pounds

Currently on a diet? Whisky is a zero fat, low sodium and low carb alcoholic beverage containing only 0.04 g of carbs in form of sugar so you wouldn’t worry for side effects such as a beer belly. With summer approaching, one or two shots of whisky could aid your fitness goals!

International Whisky day

Now that’s a good reason to enjoy your Whisky shot!

  1. Malt Whisky could potentially help prevent cancer

Whisky has been found to have ellagic acid, an acid also found in many vegetables. Whisky has more ellagic acid than red wine and it may help reduce the risk of developing cancer since the acid fights the atoms that aid in rapid cell replication. There is still limited research, and of course this fact only concerns moderate whisky consumption, but there is still a good reason to enjoy a shot of Whisky every now and then!

  1. It could help prevent Dementia

A 2003 study published by the National Centre for Biotechnology showed that moderate amounts of whisky significantly reduced chance of developing Alzheimers and other forms of Dementia. More specifically, the study concluded that drinking one to six drinks weekly could lower your risk of Dementia compared to those who avoid alcohol completely. I guess in this case you don’t really drink to forget!

  1. Diabetics could freely enjoy

Diabetics could indulge into Whisky without too much worrying about blood sugar. Moderate Whisky drinking could help the body regulate insulin and lower chances of developing diabetes in the first place by 30% to 40%.  

  1. It prolongs your life. Period!

In general really, moderate consumption of whisky, could definitely help you be healthy. Its high levels of antioxidants will help you reduce risk of having a heart attack. Those antioxidants also help stop free radicals from damaging your body on a cellular level. Plus, it also helps prevent the regular common cold by contracting viruses and diseases.

Whisky Shots

Cheers everybody!