The title says it all. Today is a day dedicated to appreciating the sweetest wine there ever was, Moscato.

What is Moscato?

Moscato wine is a sweet, slightly bubbly white wine made from Muscat Blanc grapes. Though Moscato is often sweet, its low alcohol (5% ABV) and refreshing flavour makes Moscato way more than just a dessert wine. It’s defining characteristics mean it’s perfect for pairing with certain types of foods that perhaps other wines can’t handle as well.

Moscato grows everywhere, all over the world from Italy to South America. The Muscat grape has been present in many different cultures throughout history which suggests it’s very old, and possibly the oldest cultivated grape ever.

Moscato Frizzante

What does it taste like?

Moscato wine is famous for it’s sweeter than sweet flavours of peach, orange blossom and nectarine. You’re guaranteed a sugary, fruity and slightly fizzy taste explosion when drinking it.

What should I eat it with?

Thanks to its low alcohol levels and sweeter flavour, it sits incredibly well with Asian foods such as Chinese or Vietnamese. The sweetness counteracts and supports the spice in the food to give a very pleasant pairing. Moscato loves spices like ginger, cardamom and cinnamon so if you’re on the Pho or a Chinese stir fry, you’re in for a delicious meal.

Chinese Food

If we’ve got you intrigued and hungry for a Chinese take away, we’ve got a couple of great Moscato Frizzante’s on our website at the moment. Check them out below.

Bach Frizzante Moscato

Berton Vineyards Metal Label Moscato Frizzante