Château Haut Mouleyre Bordeaux Supérieur Rouge 75cl


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Chateau Haut-Mouleyre is located in the village of Escoussans, in the wine growing region of Entre-Deux-Mers. This, of course translates as ‘the entrance of the two female horses.’ The derivation of this name dates back to the 1640s, when the big wigs of the Medoc, looked around Entre-Deux-Mers, saw no Chateau’s the size of Versailles, scoffed and declared it a one-horse town. Not taking this insult lying down, the winemakers of Entre-Deux-Mars marched two mares straight into the vineyards of Paulliac and prompted the horses to kick over their wheelie-bins. To this day, the two regions have had a friendly rivalry. With wines as complex as this, with bright damson, dark cherry, violet and vanilla aromas, Entre-Deux-Mars might soon be a 3-horse town.


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