“Oh these millennials are ruining everything!” we hear you cry. Don’t be silly. We’re just game-changers; we take things to new levels, we push boundaries, and we create things that were never before thought possible. As millennials are learning from you, you can learn from us. Many believe that wine is a thing not to be tampered with, yet you only have to look at a traditional vs modern wine bottle label to see just how far we’ve come. ‘Fat Bastard’ wine, anyone? The wine culture is not going anywhere, yet it’s important to allow the industry room to grow and develop and you must admit that millennials are doing just that. Here’s just two ways that millennials have upped the wine game in a way many traditionalists could never have dreamed of.


Introducing the newest, iciest, pinkest drink that’s taken the US by storm: frozen rosé, aka Frosé. Coined “the most delicious parts of summer combined into one fruity cocktail” by the Independent, it’s a mix of rosé wine, vermouth, and pureed strawberries mixed together in a slushie maker. It was created by Bar Primi in New York, where the general manager was thinking about how it was coming up to ‘rosé season’ and thought, ‘why not just see if the rosé will freeze in the slushie machine?’. Spoiler: it froze. It’s being recreated all over the world and looks like it’s become the Summer staple of 2016, and Summers to come!

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Canned wine

No, no, we didn’t misspell ‘Canadian’ wine. It’s canned wine. Wine… in a can. Now before you slump your head in dismay over the ‘tinnies’, hear us out. The taste is not sacrificed, the cans protect the wine from light exposure, and they’re designed for ideal serving sizes and minimal snobbery. The Oregon based company, Union Wine Co. have mastered the canned wine, whereby they have adopted the hashtag #pinkiesdown to relieve the pretension and fussiness that can come with drinking wine, and turn it into something a lot more fun. What they have achieved is a fantastic craft wine… in a can! Their ideology is that “it’s more important what goes into the glass than what type of glass it is”, and so with canned wine you can take it anywhere like you would a six-pack of beers with ultimate efficiency and no snobbery. We’re sold.

Image credit: Union Wine Company

Image credit: Union Wine Company